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About Me

Hi! Welcome to my website. There are two aspects to my life in tours. One is as a London Blue Badge guide, the other, as an international tour leader with expertise in the UK and throughout Europe. Click here for more info. In both cases I plan, produce and execute itineraries.


I’m very lucky; my life on the road has led me to places of outstanding beauty, extraordinary history and captivating cultural interest. I love to share this with my fellow sojourners and I’ve been told that my enthusiasm is infectious.


I’m a foodie and a history geek. I’m into poetry, literature, music, sports and languages – I have good French, Italian and Greek and I can speak passable Spanish and Portuguese, as well as bits and bobs of German.


I’m a born and bred Londoner with more than 20 years in the world of guiding. I’m mostly to be found in my hometown, but from time to time I head off to lead tours further afield. I work with individuals, families, small groups and large, and tailor-make each tour for maximum enjoyment.

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